2020 Fusion v6: Great Quality Without the Wait

2020 Fusion v6: Great Quality Without the Wait

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2020 Fusion v6

When you are trying to get that urgent kitchen or bathroom design over to your clients, the last thing you want is to have to wait for ages whilst your design re-renders every time you make a change. And there’s nothing worse than sitting around waiting and watching the screen because your software doesn’t allow you to get on with other tasks whilst a render is in progress.

Introducing 2020 Fusion v6 – due to be released later this autumn. It includes a fully optimised rendering system capable of generating fantastic images with unbelievable speed. This latest version has a strong focus on time-saving and usability, but also delivers in terms of the detail of the materials, textures and lighting in a design.

2020 Fusion - Level Renders

1. Need for speed

2020 Fusion’s updated rendering system delivers great quality without the wait. The new software has four ‘planning’ level renders:

  • Wireframe
  • White Fill
  • Colour Fill
  • Draft

These renders take no time all, supporting the need to work quickly and efficiently during the design phase.

2020 Fusion - Fast Presentations

2. Fast presentations

2020 Fusion v6 also boasts a ‘Presentation’ render (~10 secs) which brings an unrivaled level of detail to the live sales environment, helping designers to quickly engage their clients and shorten the sales process. Finally, the ‘Presentation Plus’ render option offers an even greater degree of quality delivered in no more than a couple of minutes to really clinch that sale.

2020 Fusion - Background Processing

3. In the background

2020 Fusion has already been exploiting ‘background processing’ for some time. Background processing allows designers to continue with their work without any delays while printing or exporting designs, all of which can be monitored and managed via a SysTray app.

In 2020 Fusion v6, the background processing mechanism now also extends to presentation level rendering. This means that you are now able to undertake multiple actions without having to wait for a presentation or presentation plus render to finish first.

Moreover, renders can now be easily interrupted or changed and will then automatically restart following any adjustments to the design.

2020 Fusion v6 Named Views System

4. Making the most of ‘Named Views’

In 2020 Fusion v6, the ‘Named View’ system has been completely reinvented, offering designers a more user-friendly and consistent solution.

The system uses an intuitive ‘tab’ mechanism similar to that of MS-Excel, allowing both automatically generated and user-defined named views to be easily defined, recalled, manipulated and presented.

Simple solutions

CAD software such as 2020 Fusion v6 eliminates the complexity of designing kitchens and bathrooms, making it simple for designers to quickly and easily present their clients with a variety of options with just a few clicks of the mouse.

2020 Fusion v6 Panoramic Views

Coming soon… 2020 Fusion v6

2020 Fusion v6 delivers fast and stunning presentations which are quick and easy to change, giving you more time for design creativity and a shorter sales cycle. Why not take your first step towards 2020 Fusion v6 and try out the current version of 2020 Fusion free for 30 days?
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