2020 Fusion Exclusive Webinar Series

2020 Fusion Exclusive Webinar Series

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2020 Fusion Webinar Series

Sign up today for this 2020 Fusion webinar series where you will learn all the latest tips and tricks for using 2020 Fusion.

2020 Fusion Webinar - Discover the Real Showroom

Webinar 1- Discover the Real Showroom

Design showrooms are constantly evolving to reflect the ever-changing buying needs of customers. The goal of the showroom is to provide a place where a customer can feel at home making decisions and choices. Some showrooms are physical while others are virtual. Discover how to leverage both types to knock the socks off your customers!!

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2020 Fusion Webinar - Work Smarter, Not Harder

Webinar 2- Work Smarter, Not Harder

In an increasingly competitive world, it’s tough for those running their own businesses, and at times it can stretch you to the limit. You might find yourself taking on a variety of roles, responsible for the shop floor, marketing, customer services, accounts, admin and management at any given time. And, sometimes, we all make the mistake of thinking that working long hours is the key to success.

2020 Fusion Webinar - Improve your business with 2020 Cloud

Webinar 3- Discover how 2020 Cloud can Improve Your Business!

2020 is revolutionizing the kitchen and bathroom industry by providing 2020 Fusion users a better way to access manufacturer catalogues. Having up-to-date, accurate and timely data is no longer a convenience—it is a necessity! 2020 Cloud gives you the ability to add quality content to your designs faster than ever, and instant access to the latest manufacturer products gives you a competitive edge.

2020 Fusion Webinar - Tips and Tricks Training

Webinar 4- Tips and Tricks Training

Perfect your design skills with an hour long “Tips and Tricks” training session with Oliver Farrant, 2020 Fusion Senior Customer Support Specialist as he discusses frequently asked questions & popular technical design topics.

2020 Fusion Webinar - Getting Started with 2020 Fusion

Webinar 5- Getting started with 2020 Fusion

Get the most out of 2020 Fusion bathroom and kitchen planning software with this one-hour complimentary webinar dedicated to showing new and novice 2020 Fusion users all the most helpful tips and tricks.

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