2020 Design Kitchen and Bath Design software

 Getting Started with
2020 Design

Thank you for selecting 2020 Design bathroom and kitchen design software, and welcome to our community of users!

 2020 Community

The 2020 Community is a great resource for professional designers and industry enthusiasts to network with peers, find quick answers to questions, share tips, tap into great advice and much more.

Click here to register on 2020 Community

Your community login is the same login used for 2020 Cloud, so it’s vital to create an account so you can access both of these important resources.

 2020 Cloud

2020 Cloud* is a new way to access catalog content directly from 2020 Design. Catalogs on 2020 Cloud are always up to date and certified to work with the latest version of your software. For more information about 2020 Cloud, click here.

  • To access 2020 Cloud, open 2020 Design and click on the 2020 Cloud icon located on the View tab.
  • Login to 2020 Cloud using your 2020 Community account. If you do not have a 2020 Community account, create one here.

*2020 Cloud is only available in certain regions.
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Installation & Support

  • 2020.net is your portal for accessing accessing 2020 Design maintenance upgrades, getting support and downloading manufacturer catalogs. Please note that 2020.net requires a different login than your Community login.

Get a head start on your investment with training!

2020 Design e-Learning

Use our online training tutorials to get up and running quickly! In our 2020 Training* (*you will need to register and login to 2020.net to access this link), we offer two levels of in-depth video tutorials:

  • Getting Started with 2020 Design: a beginner level set of videos designed to get new users familiar with 2020 Design
  • Going In Depth with 2020 Design: a series of videos designed to help users learn more advanced 2020 Design topics

Training Courses

Find a class that’s right for you! We offer comprehensive, instructor-led training courses in a face-to-face classroom setting or online.

To find more local training events, click on the icon in the top right corner of 2020spaces.com and then choose a regional office location.