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2020 Design Inspiration Awards for Kitchen Designers

How do your kitchen designs inspire warmth, creativity & functionality? Whether you are designing a traditional, contemporary or transitional kitchen, how do you transform a space into a home? Show us! Send us your most inspiring designs using 2020 Design!

As a bonus, win a grand prize when you create any style kitchen with the 2020 Decorative Items catalog on 2020 Cloud. Add plants, wine bottles, cheese platters & decorative bowls to make your designs authentic & realistic!

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Please only submit one design per kitchen! Do not submit multiple perspectives of the same kitchen design in same or different categories.

Kitchens come in many different styles… Which one inspires you?

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*Participants are eligible to submit designs in each category. Each submission must be a unique design. Participants can submit multiple unique designs in the same category. Participants are only eligible to win once. Top 5 finalists for all 4 categories is determined by peer voting. A 2020 panel will determine the final winner in each category.


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