2020 Design Academic Edition

2020 Design Live Academic Program

2020 is pleased to offer universities and colleges the opportunity to join the 2020 Design Live Academic Program. This program will provide your students access to 2020 Design Live Academic Edition for use in classrooms or remotely.
Students can study how to design, plan, and visualize kitchens and bathrooms with 2020 Design Live Academic Edition’s stunning 3D renderings, cutting-edge features and thousands of flexible items from our file-based, cloud manufacturers, or generic catalogs. 2020 Design Live Academic Edition is used worldwide by colleges and universities to train students on an industry-standard design tool and provides students with a competitive edge in today’s job market. Working with this easy-to-use CAD (computer-aided design) software enables students to get ahead in the kitchen and bathroom design industry. Learning is easy with 2020 Design Live Academic Edition.

2020 Design Live Academic Edition allows students to:

  • Learn on the number one software in the kitchen and bath remodeling industry.
  • Choose from a full array of manufacturer catalogs perfect for learning, from cabinetry and countertops to fixtures and furniture.
  • Generate high-quality renderings and powerful presentations for class work and competitions.
  • Increase productivity for designers in their day to-day work with time-saving features.

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In addition:
  • Students are eligible for a substantial promotional discount on a subscription of a 2020 Design Live, up to 6 months after completing their current 2020 Design session.
  • Promotional pricing is valid for first year subscription only. Proof of enrollment and session completion required.
  • Get access to a broad range of resources to enable your success including product support, training , industry knowledge and much more… Find all you need here.
Schools or Students
  1. Ensure your school is part of the 2020 Design Live Academic Program
  2. Review system requirements
  3. Contact 2020 for additional information.