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This feature-rich design software brings realism, speed and accuracy to space-planning, allowing designers to retrieve data with one click.

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2020 Design Live will change the way you do business.

2020 Design Live is a new product of 2020 Design that uses configurable content in the cloud to deliver significant business value to our customers. No other software does this!

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Content Libraries

2020 Cloud Decorative Items Catalog

Manufacturer catalogs

Manufacturer catalogs deliver an unprecedented opportunity for designers to easily specify and visualize kitchen and bathroom designs with real products. 2020 Design Live not only has the largest collection of manufacturer catalogs available for designers but it is also the only design application that offers configurable catalogs streamed live from 2020 Cloud. Featuring cabinetry, appliances, plumbing and more, our cloud content is always up to date and accurate—and faster to design with. As soon as an update is available from a manufacturer, the content will be available to use in 2020 Design Live without the need to search, download or install any new catalogs. Our online library continues to grow each month with cloud and file-based catalogs.
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2020 Decorative Items Catalog

There are over 2600 high-quality decorative items in 2020 Cloud that can be used to enhance and personalize your designs. All decorative items can easily be changed to any color, pattern or texture to suit the style of your design or modified to suit your required dimensions.
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Import 3D models

Import 3D models from online libraries of SketchUp or AutoCAD® models to include items like chairs, stools and sofas in your designs.

2020 Design Live now includes support for the latest SketchUp models, including 2019 models

Alvic® panel textures

Over 60 panels and components textures to be applied to all kinds of furniture and decoration projects.

Over 300 new Wilsonart® countertop textures

New textures from Wilsonart® provide abstract, solid, stone and woodgrain countertop finishes.

Sherwin Williams® paint textures and finishes

Over 1500 paint textures and 5 different finishes are available in 2020 Design Live from Sherwin Williams®. Match paint colors to the actual manufacturer colors at retail locations and provide clients with truly realistic designs.

Discover Amerock® Hardware

2020 has added Amerock® Hardware to the 2020 Generic Cabinet catalogs. Over 270 knobs and pulls have been added to enhance your kitchen designs with beautifully crafted hardware. A user-friendly navigation (Global style validation) makes selecting the perfect piece of hardware easy!

Explore Uniboard® textures and finishes

Uniboard® is now available in the 2020 Design Live Common catalog. 135 textures and finishes have been added to bring your designs to life. Pick from different styles, colors and realistic finishes.

Presentation Features | 2020 Design

Presentation Features

360° panoramic views

Provide your clients with an immersive 3D experience that makes them feel like they are right inside the new design—while they’re sitting at home. Simply email a panoramic view link to your clients and they can open it on their laptop or on mobile devices and share with friends and family. Furthermore, fully immerse your clients in their new space with the 2020 Virtual Reality (VR) Viewer!

2020 Design live now offers the ability to post your favorite 360 Panoramic designs on Facebook. Easily post, show-off and share all your designs in a few simple steps. Images are copied to Facebook and users can organise and store all their 360 Panoramas in Facebook albums.

Photo-realistic renderings

Produce renderings fast and with incredible photo-realism. 2020 Design Live balances quality, performance, and memory consumption while taking full advantage of the newest graphic card capabilities. Enjoy improved lighting effects, better smoothing for rounded shapes, realistic textures and more!

The rendering process now happens in the background, freeing up valuable computer resources. Now you can work on one kitchen while rendering another.

The improved rendering process produces higher quality renderings faster than previous versions.

Design Features

Space planning

Draw walls, windows, cabinets, cathedral or sloped ceilings, and more with our easy-to-use interface. The smart design wizards make it easy to place items like toekicks, moldings, doors and windows and to customize surface materials. Try multiple designs quickly and generate perspective views automatically, right from the plan. Print plans with detailed dimensions and labels for your installers and sub-contractors.

Improved legends make it easier to identify cabinets across all views—floorplans, elevations and reports. Perfect for communicating with your installers and sub-contractors.

Over 100 new moldings, toe kicks, corbels and other additions have been made to various default catalogs to give designers more flexibility, accuracy and realism in their designs when using non-brand specific catalogs.

The door and window wizard provides designers with the flexibility to create and place custom doors and windows with various frame and glass combinations.


Just select a wall and click to generate detailed elevations. Print elevations with detailed dimensions and labels for your installers and sub-contractors.

Multiple wall elevations
2020 Design Live allows users to represent multiple walls in a single elevation. Users can now move items and change dimensions and elevations as easily as they could in a single placement zone (wall).


Use the Countertop Wizard to automatically add countertops to your cabinets. Apply a variety of edge profiles to each edge independently to provide an accurate depiction. The wizard automatically creates cutouts for sinks and faucets—just place the fixture and the rest is taken care of!

Configure Your Screen Layout

With 2020 Design Live, you now have the ability to control your screen windows and can easily configure your layout. Plus, you have the capability to find misplaced windows by resetting to one of the presets.

Idea center libraries

Save your favorite elements in the Idea Center libraries. Browse for your ideas in the same way you browse for items in catalogs, and then drag and drop them into your designs. Perfect for islands and other re-usable components.

Surface textures

Easily apply textures like paint, tile, flooring and laminate to walls, floors, ceilings and countertops. It’s easy to import images from your vendors so that your designs look as realistic as possible. Or choose built-in textures from popular industry manufacturers like Wilsonart®, Sherwin Williams® and Alvic®.

Multiple Dimensions

We’ve added a multiple dimension tool to increase efficiency while dimensioning a floor plan or elevations.

Lighting | 2020 Design

Precisely Annotate the Position of Light Fixtures

Use the new crosshair embedded in 2020 Design live lights to accurately and precisely position lighting within your floorplan. Designers can also annotate the designs accordingly to help the installation and electrical teams they are working with.


Applying lighting to your designs has never been easier. Simply place light fixtures, sunlight or ceiling lights in your project and the rendering is updated in real time. Insert glass doors or windows and the system automatically creates natural source lighting with incredible looking shadows and reflections.

Lighting Wizard

Quickly add task and accent lights to your designs. Place lights over and under wall cabinets, inside wall cabinets and on toe kicks and show your clients how energy-saving LED lighting can enhance a space. Calculate lighting costs and place orders electronically directly from the manufacturer.

Physical Light Properties and support for IES lighting profiles

With Physical Light Properties and support for thirty Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) profiles, you can now specify parameters such as casting, angles, shadows and wattage.

Lighting | 2020 Design

2020 Closet

Only available in 2020 Design Live

Perfect Solution for Custom Closets

With 2020 Closet, you can design closets and home storage systems quickly and accurately with software tailored to the unique requirements of the closet and home storage design markets. The software’s component-based design is tailored for home storage design, including the irregular shape of spaces, how components attach to each other and fitting components into a defined space. Easy to learn and use, 2020 Closet lets interior designers simply drag and drop pre-configured items onto a floor plan, and the application automatically molds the set of components to fit the space— a major advantage when dealing with irregular storage areas.

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Streamline Business Processes

Room measuring app integration

With the integration of applications such as Sensopia magicplan and ETemplate applications, we’ve improved front end workflow so that you can easily measure and create initial floor plans with your iPhone®, iPad® or Android device. Import floor plans into 2020 Design Live to begin your design process.

magicplan enhancements

We’ve improved walls and windows position’s accuracy. We now support the mapping of items inserted in Magic plan such as doors, windows, appliances, plumbing, electrical and structural items.

Drawing layouts

Prepare convincing, attractive presentations and proposals. Extend your drawing layouts across several pages or place a viewable item, list, rendering or floor plan in any available layout window.

Pricing, report and installation lists

Use the product list price, cost price and retail price information to provide customers with accurate project estimates.

Intuitive user interface

Work in a more natural and intuitive way using the modern, customizable user interface. The toolbar allows you to easily add or remove functions according to your work preferences.

Navigation toolbar

Choose your rendering settings easily according to your preferences or usage. With all settings accessible from the navigation toolbar, all grouped in a single location, producing your rendering is simpler.

Application Integration Module (AIM)

Only available in 2020 Design Live

2020 Design Live provides the ability to generate detailed project data into XML format with our Application Integration Module (AIM). Tailored 3rd party software tools are able to interpret the data provided to perform additional integration tasks.  Note that additional software development is required.

Increased Performance with 64-bit

The migration of 2020 Design Live to 64-bit architecture allows users to effortlessly generate high-quality renderings and 360° panoramas. Large scale designs filled with a multitude of design elements and textures are easily created in 2020 Design Live.