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System Recommendations for Version 13

Actively Supported Operating Systems

PC Operating Systems (64 bit): Windows 11, Windows 10.
MAC: Apple Macintosh models (prior to new M1 chip) using Boot Camp. Please check with Apple to make sure it supports “Boot Camp”. Please note that at the moment, Bootcamp does not support Windows 11.

Recommended Hardware Specifications

Processor: Intel i7 (8 Core) or AMD Ryzen 7
System Memory: 16 GB RAM
Hard Drive: SSD with 20 GB free disk space for installation
Video Card: Dedicated video card (such as NVIDIA RTX3050)


  • High-speed internet connection for updates and 2020 Cloud usage.
  • Running 2020 Design Live Version in a virtual environment such as VMware or Parallels will impact rendering performance.
  • Concerns have been identified with AMD Graphic Card drivers and AMD processors with integrated graphics throughout the course of last year. When acquiring a new system, you might want to consider other alternatives such as NVIDIA Graphic cards and Intel processors.

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