Warehouse Management

Inventory management is challenging as there are so many moving parts (and containers!). In order to manage costs and ensure on-time deliveries, it is important to stay organized, automated and efficient. The Warehouse Management Module adds to existing inventory management features in 2020 Insight furniture manufacturing software by providing dedicated warehouse management functionality. 2020 Insight is a manufacturing operations management solution that helps optimize every step of the operation, creating a seamless flow of information from sales order to shipment. It allows the ability to associate multiple warehouses per existing plants and manage the transfer of goods from one location to another saving both time and money. It helps you to store items accurately, guide operators to the exact location of goods, and customize containers to meet your requirements.

Organize your warehouse by container types

Specify as many container formats as required, including pallet, bin, cart or any other container type. All aspects of a container can be customized, including weight, height, width and maximum stacking height.

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Easily find items, wherever they are

Specify the exact location of items including precise container, warehouse and plant level data.

Ensure items get where they need to be

The Warehouse Management Module also includes new functionality called ‘inventory move orders’. Create easy to understand move orders for operators to quickly and painlessly move items within a warehouse and view which move orders have been completed and which are still outstanding.

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Add location business rules and logic

Create rules for warehouse locations to specify whether items can be added or removed.

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