2020 Insight: Core System

At the heart of 2020 Insight is a core system that is common across all of the 2020 Insight modules. The core system is comprised of the technology required to configure your manufacturing workflow, import data from outside systems, process order and manufacturing data and trigger automated actions.

  • Model your workflow in all business areas
  • Process automated and manual actions based on status milestones
  • Customize interfaces and forms with no programming required
  • Get meaningful insights into your data with reports and analytics
  • Automate data import from third-party systems

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2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution
2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution

Flexible user interface

The user interface is consistent throughout all 2020 Insight modules, is fully localizable and translatable, contains extensive search capabilities and gives you the opportunity to group, sort, filter, summarize & analyze data and more. Furthermore, attach files in many system areas like customers, products, items, sales orders and purchase orders.

2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution

Workflow configuration

Use a graphical, drag-and-drop interface to model your business workflow and define key software processes along the way. Define status milestones in your workflow and use those statuses to influence system behavior. Trigger automated or manual actions and series of actions at any status-change event.

2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution

Action processing engine

The action processing engine is the technology that processes actions according to your pre-defined workflow rules. Common actions include updating data, communicating with external systems, sending emails and printing reports. Choose from hundreds of pre-defined system actions or create your own! Actions can be run immediately, off-line or at scheduled times.

2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution

Customizable forms

Tailor forms to suit your needs using XML form definitions. Create user-defined attribute fields throughout the system—changes you make don’t affect the database schema, which means you can make changes without worrying about losing them in future 2020 Insight versions. Organize and manage all customizations in a dedicated management workbench.

2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution

Inquiry & reporting

Get a deep understanding of your data with our user-specific dashboards where you can display charts and KPI data that are meaningful to you. Create pivot grids and reports for on-the-fly data analytics. 2020 Insight also offers embedded support for MS Reporting Services Crystal Reports. Still not enough? Export to MS Excel from any data grid!

2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution


The core system manages electronic data import from other sources. Configure and deploy unattended, automated import monitors to receive data like sales orders from third-party software systems. Our core system provides support for monitoring email systems, file systems and MS Message Queues, and our web services platform supports both standard and custom web services.

General details

  Microsoft Platform certified solution running against SQL Server

  Integrated Windows security model

  Manage user and user group permissions for forms, functions and individual data fields

  Full multi-language capabilities including tools for glossary management and support for Unicode languages

  Multi-currency transaction support including automated currency conversion rate updates

  XML-based interface logic with version up-convert/down-convert transformations

  System configuration form provides intuitive method for defining system settings

  Forms for maintaining organizational data such as customers, vendors, employees and more with flexible relationship definitions