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Project-based ERP for Architectural Millwork

2020 Insight is known for its powerful ERP solution used worldwide by manufacturers in the cabinet, furniture and millwork industries. Now the robust solution has added project-based capabilities allowing companies to manage a project from start to finish in one system.
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2020 Insight is an end-to-end manufacturing solution that automates business processes and optimizes ordering, engineering, materials management, production and installation creating a seamless flow of information.

Key project-based features

Instantly convert estimates you’ve won into production-ready orders. Then manufacture and install those orders, tracking them at every stage. Reduce the duplication of work, the opportunity for errors and have total visibility in the planning, controlling and execution of your business.
2020 Insight for Architectural Millwork - Project Management

Project management

Manage planning, scheduling, project resources and reporting within a single solution. Collaborate with one another and provide full visibility to the team on every project.
2020 Insight for Architectural Millwork - Estimating


Electronically generate takeoffs and generate estimates with accurate costing based on pre-generated bills of materials. Easily create alternative estimates and change individual items.
2020 Insight for Architectural Millwork - Time and Cost Tracking

Time and cost tracking

Record actual time and costs and compare against your estimates. Manage change orders and react to unforeseen circumstances to increase the goal of meeting timeframe and cost targets.
2020 Insight for Architectural Millwork - Invoicing


Use an all-encompassing, accurate invoice process to invoice according to your contract - including deposits, partial payments, change orders and schedule of values (SOV) items.