2020 Insight: Warehouse Management

Share and manage inventory, sales and production information across regions and between plants with 2020 Insight’s Warehouse Management module. Optimize your warehouse for faster fulfillment and overhead reduction using user-friendly, graphical screens.

  • Accurately store items, guide operators to the exact location of goods and create customize containers that match your material handling methods
  • Supports set-up and transactions for rack, block and plane type warehouses
  • Manage warehouse containers and their relationships with items and locations
  • Execute complex pick, move and put-away strategies for both stock and make-to-order items
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Warehouse Management

Accurately store and manage inventory items between locations

2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution
2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution

Organize your warehouse by container types

Specify as many container formats as required, for example pallet, bin, cart and more. Customize any aspect of a container, including weight, height, width and maximum stacking height.

2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution

Find items, wherever they are

Manage the exact location of items including precise container, warehouse and plant-level data and execute pick and put away actions for any location.

2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution

Ensure items get where they need to be

Create ‘inventory move orders’—easy-to-understand instructions for operators to quickly and painlessly move items from location to location. View which move orders have been completed and which are still outstanding.

2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution

Add business rules and logic to locations

Create rules for warehouse locations to specify whether items can be added or removed, which container types are allowed per location, space consumption methods and more.