André Chartier

Vice President, Product Development

André Chartier joined 2020 in 2002 and since 2011 he has been the Vice President of Product Development. His role is to align the end-to-end corporate vision and create and communicate technical and strategic global business plans to realise that vision. Before taking on his current responsibilities, he was vice president R&D point-of-sale solutions, responsible for research and development, project management and the operation of 2020’s service infrastructure and core products, including web solutions.

Before joining 2020, André was a member of the speech recognition scientific staff for Bell Northern Research. He was also a partner at DMR Consulting Inc., implementing the Quebec region’s e-commerce practice, with such important customers such as Standard Life, Meloche-Monnex and Canada Post. As an entrepreneur, André took part in the launch of two independent high-tech start-ups, including MetaLink, a successful e-commerce undertaking. MetaLink was acquired by DMR Consulting in 1997.

André holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and operations research from Université de Montréal.