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2020 will present the latest releases and new developments for 2020 Insight at the furniture industry at this year´s imm | Living Interiors in Cologne

2020 Insight is specifically tailored to the needs of the furniture industry. It enables the automation of sales and production processes and provides the technological basis for a profitable and customized production also in large quantities by automating and optimizing order processing, production planning and production processes.

For the finance department, the software now offers some important innovations, such as the consolidated invoicing, with which the customer can create invoices for his needs, whether by delivery, per project or for a monthly request.

For customers who produce merchandise in addition to a brand program, 2020 Insight offers the possibility to create different product version identities that simplify handling considerably. The goal is that our customers can use 2020 Insight in an easy way and with maximum benefit and optimize their processes in order to save costs without a loss of quality.

2020 will also introduce our retail solution 2020 Ideal Spaces for the first time to this international audience. The web-based 3D design software that is already successfully used by customers allows the retailer to step into the future of multi-channel, as the software accompanies retailer and customers throughout the customer journey – from inspiration to delivery and installation.

Watch this video to learn more about 2020 Ideal Spaces

2020 Ideal Spaces is made up of three modules that can be deployed stand-alone or together.

The 2020 Ideal Spaces Inspire Module captures customer interest and qualifies leads through an interactive image gallery.

The 2020 Ideal Spaces Define Module provides an immersive, 3D tool for planning spaces, creating personalized interiors and configuring products—re-using consumer preferences created in the Inspire Module!

The 2020 Ideal Spaces Collaborate Module provides a personal project space for consumers to collaborate on a project with friends and family.

Learn more at our booth on the Boulevard, 015 – directly opposite the entrance to the Living Interiors

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