2020 and Creative Office Pavilion Collaborate on New 2020 Boston Office

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2020 Visual Impression rendering of the Boston office.

We are excited to announce the opening of our new Boston office. 2020 has worked with a long time customer, Creative Office Pavilion (COP), one of the nation’s leading Herman Miller dealers, who also represents lines from hundreds of other respected manufacturers, to bring our new Boston office space to life.

As the leading provider of design software to interior designers in the commercial space, 2020 was in a unique position to collaborate with a customer to make our new office a fun and productive environment including spaces where natural collaboration and creativity can happen.

2020 Boston office photo

Photo of the 2020 Boston office

2020 Cap is a professional space planning and specification tool for designing faster with fewer errors due to the automation of time-consuming tasks and access to one of the largest library of catalogs in the industry. Thanks to 2020 Cap, 2020 and COP were able to collaborate rapidly to find the best design for the 2020 team and business, and with 2020 Visual Impression we were able to see exactly what the space would look like with realistic renderings.

“We were excited for the opportunity to work with one of our customers and experience our software from our user’s perspective,” stated Mark Goldstein, CEO, 2020. “Being able to visualize your space through high-quality renderings truly helps with the decision process when you have hundreds of pieces, fabrics, colors, etc., to choose from.”

2020 visited the impressive showroom of Creative Office Pavilion at their Boston waterfront location.  After meeting to discuss requirements and, touring the showroom for ideas, designer Jackie Canapino was able to propose some concept designs. “Our clients are very visual people. They need to see the actual furniture they are considering purchasing in their actual space. 2020 Cap allows me to do just that,” stated Jackie.

“We are thrilled with our new space and even happier that we were able to collaborate with our customer using 2020 solutions to bring it to life,” commented Mark.

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