2020 Community Round Up

2020 Community Round Up – August 2016

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What’s going on in the 2020 Community

 See what 2020 community users are discussing. Discover what the most popular topics are in the design community. Explore and catch up on all the latest 2020 news!

What’s trending in the 2020 Design community?

Decorative catalog – What do you think?

Make your designs come to Life with the new decorative catalog on 2020 Cloud! 2020 users in North America can now add items from the 2020 Cloud Decorative Catalog to make their kitchen and bathroom designs come to life!

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How to use 2020 Cloud?

We’ve put together a few short video tutorials to help you get started with 2020 Cloud. You may have seen these in individual posts already, but here is a convenient index for your reference. Each video is around 1-2 minutes in duration. Hope this helps get you started!

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Share your amazing designs using 360° Panorama

The 2020 Design 360° Panorama feature has already become an essential part of our customers’ sales and design process, with very large numbers of panoramas having been generated already. We have already seen many fantastic designs being created in this way and would like to invite you to add links to your own via this forum post.

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What’s trending in the 2020 Cubea space for office designers?

Tech tip: Tag your furniture in 2020 Giza

A powerful feature of 2020 Giza is the ability to assign tags to your furniture objects. For instance, imagine you have a large plan of furniture which you need to organize and price by department.

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Revit and Sketch Up

Up until the last few weeks we had been receiving a couple of requests per year for Revit and SketchUp drawings and projects in Sketch Up and Revit.  These past two weeks we’ve received at least a half dozen requests for Revit families and/or SketchUp drawings.  Is anyone else out there experiencing this?

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What’s trending in the 2020 Insight community?

2020 Insight training: Never forget to continue to deepen your knowledge!

Whether you are new to your company or you want to learn another area of the software used in your manufacturing environment. If you are using 2020 Insight products, we offer a wide spectrum of training classes.

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