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2020 Customer Story: Oppein cabinet manufacturer

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Oppein – China’s Largest Cabinetry Manufacturer Improves Efficiency with 2020 Insight


“We were very happy to see our plant truly gain in efficiency. The demand in the Asian market for high-quality, complete furniture sets continues to grow, and we are fully confident that as we continue to expand we will be able to provide our customers with the same outstanding service as before!”  -Oppein Furniture Manufacturer Manager

Founded in 1994, Oppein is a leader in China’s kitchen cabinet industry. Kitchen cabinets, Oppein’s principal product, have driven the development of related products, including wardrobes, bathroom sets, modern wooden doors, wall decorations and wallpaper, and kitchen appliances. With diverse product offerings, an international furniture manufacturing base, and a highly competitive production scale, Oppein is a one-stop modern furniture service provider for the Asia-Pacific market.

End-to-end information-based solutions help Oppein’s soaring wardrobe business
Relying on years of success in kitchen cabinets, Oppein entered the field of wardrobes in 2005 and quickly rose to the top of the industry. Wardrobe and furniture customization and production is an extremely complex process. Without end-to-end information system support, companies cannot grow and remain stuck with small-scale production. Oppein’s management team recognized this from the start and personally participated in the planning, implementation, and supervision of information-based projects.

Before implementing 2020 Insight, the company relied on electronic forms for recording the ordering and plant management processes, using dozens of electronic forms in the management process. Not only did this require a lot of manpower, it also resulted in low visibility of operations.

To improve operations and optimize business procedures, Oppein considered several enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. In the end, the company implemented the 2020 Insight manufacturing operations management (MOM) solution. Developed specifically for furniture manufacturers, 2020 Insight allows for seamless production, from sales orders to shipping. The flexibility of the 2020 Insight system also lays a good foundation for future expansion in Oppein’s wardrobe business.

After implementing our 2020 Insight furniture manufacturing software, the benefits to the company are clear:

· Time to market for new products by reduced by 75%

· Production cycle reduced by 35% and production capability greatly improved

· Manpower requirements reduced by 2.5 in the ordering cycle alone

· More than 2500 orders processed daily 2020 solutions

· Production status is delivered to stores and consumers in real-time, improving the consumer experience

· 90-95% of orders are generated in 2020 Design & are automatically entered into 2020 Insight for production management

·The 2020 Insight system is providing effective input for process optimization and improves the utilization of personnel and machinery.

Today, Oppein’s wardrobe division has fully integrated information solutions into its entire process, from front-end design, ordering, quoting, and review to production management, laying a solid foundation for the next five years of rapid expansion.

As one of China’s fastest growing and most efficient furniture companies, Oppein plans to continue expanding in China and around the world. With 2020 as their strategic solution partner for end-to-end production, Oppein is prepared for their next stage of growth.

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