2020 Fusion Latest Release Enhances User Experience

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Leading Kitchen and Bathroom Design Software Offers New Time-Saving Features

Westwood, MA, USA, and Laval, QC, Canada, August 15, 2016 – 2020, the world’s leading provider of applications and enterprise solutions dedicated to interior design, space planning and furniture manufacturing, today announced that the latest version of 2020 Fusion offers many new features and functions which will offer designers time saving methods to improve their design process.

2020 Fusion version 5 introduces background processing which allows designers to continue to work without any delays while printing or exporting designs. The requested task is managed in the background and designers can also keep track of, as well as manage, the order and progress of all background prints, exports, movies and 360° panoramas. Other new features allow designers to select and relocate multiple dimension rails and move them collectively in the same plane, thereby saving time and avoiding repetitive actions. Designers can similarly reposition multiple annotations with a simple drag and drop action.

Fusion new features

“We understand how valuable time is to designers being able to respond to clients’ requirements quickly and efficiently,” stated Jim Smalley, 2020 Fusion Product Manager. “In this version, many of the features are focused on optimizations in key areas that we believe will allow our users to be more efficient on a daily basis.”

The latest release also further enhances the 360° panorama feature with support for an additional smartphone viewing mode. Designers can provide an immersive experience to their clients with by using virtual reality glasses in conjunction with a 2020 Fusion panorama. Additionally, users can now upgrade to a 64bit variant of 2020 Fusion version 5, thereby taking full advantage of all of the benefits of a 64bit environment.

For advice on how to download a compatible version of 2020 Fusion and how to access these features, please contact the 2020 Fusion Support Team +44 (0) 1233 635566, or visit the 2020 Fusion User Community.
For more information about these new enhancements, visit the 2020 website www.2020spaces.com/2020products/2020fusion-new-features/

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