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2020 Imagine is a quarterly newsletter that provides news and tips for design professionals, manufacturers and retailers. Stay connected via the 2020 Community.

Professional News

  • 360° Panorama

    Immerse your client into the design with the
    new panorama feature for 2020 Fusion.

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  • Tutorial

    Watch this short tutorial to learn how you can
    improve lighting management in 2020 Fusion.

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    Find and share tips about 2020 Fusion in our online Forum.
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2020 catalog content

Manufacturing News

  • Daval Invests in 2020 Insight

    British fitted furniture manufacturer, Daval, has invested in 2020 solutions to add flexibility and automation to their business processes, from design to sales order to engineering through production to delivery.


  • German Furniture Manufacturers to Implement 2020 Insight

    Ewald Schillig, an upholstery furniture specialist, and Machalke Polsterwerkstätten, a custom order quality furniture provided, have selected 2020 solutions to complement and streamline their manufacturing operations.


Retail News

  • Magnet simplifies the Kitchen Design Process

    Magnet is the UK’s biggest and most experienced kitchen specialist, offering the widest choice of quality kitchens supported by the best possible customer service. To make the design and decision process easier, they now offer an online design tool for customers to design and price their kitchen in minutes.


Partner News

  • 2020 Content Partners
    There are two types of 2020 Content Partners, those who author and those who publish. 2020 Content Author Partners provide specialized services to customers for the authoring and maintenance of catalog content using 2020 authoring tools.


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