2020 Fusion v6: Keeping It Wheel

2020 Fusion v6: Keeping It Wheel

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2020 Fusion 6

When it comes to the development of 2020 Fusion, our primary focus is always on the designer’s needs. Our aim is to ensure that the functionality and operation of the software is as intuitive as it can be and to provide a series of design aids that save you time — allowing you to channel all your efforts into the creative process.

At 2020, our team of software designers are currently working on 2020 Fusion v6, the latest version of 2020 Fusion. Due to be released later this year, 2020 Fusion v6 introduces a new rendering system, as well as improvements to existing functionality — like the addition of snapping indicators and the ability to modify multiple items simultaneously. This new release also delivers the ability to zoom and drag using the mouse wheel, enhances the existing ‘replace’ functionality to prevent style selection errors and simplifies the numeric annotation system.

Mouse wheel zoom and drag

1. Mouse wheel zoom and drag

In 2020 Fusion v6, you can quickly and easily zoom in and out on a view in plan, elevation or perspective by rotating the wheel on your mouse forwards or backwards.

When zoomed in, you can hold down the mouse wheel to drag the view to a desired position.

Style prompt for replaced items

2. Style prompt for replaced items

When replacing an item(s) that resides in a style block other than the default, 2020 Fusion v6 can prompt the user to decide whether they wish to assign the replacement item to the default style (previously applied automatically), or whether the replacement item should be added to the same style block as the item being replaced. This enhanced ‘replace’ functionality will help to prevent style selection errors and, potentially, incorrect orders being placed.

Simplified numeric annotation

3. Simplified numeric annotation

In previous versions of 2020 Fusion, various numeric annotation sorting methods could to be applied across different view types. Many users found this confusing.

In 2020 Fusion v6, consistent numbering is guaranteed across all design views by simply referencing the numeric sorting method defined in the Item List view.

System and hardware requirements

4. System and hardware requirements

2020 Fusion v6 is only available as a 64-bit application.

A minimum of a 2GB dedicated DirectX 11 compatible graphics card is required. For users with high resolution screens, we recommend a 4GB graphics card.

Simple solutions

CAD software such as 2020 Fusion v6 eliminates the complexity of designing kitchens and bathrooms, making it simple for designers to quickly and easily experiment with options in panorama and 3D views for new designs in just a few mouse clicks.

Coming soon… 2020 Fusion v6

2020 Fusion v6 delivers fast and stunning presentations which are quick and easy to change, giving you more time for design creativity and a shorter sales cycle. Why not take your first step towards 2020 Fusion v6 and try out the current version of 2020 Fusion free for 30 days?
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