Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

Kitchen Design Trends for 2016: A Look Back

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Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

As we approach 2017, we take a look back at 2016 to see which kitchen design trend predictions held true. At the beginning of the year, The National Kitchen & Bath Association made some predictions for overall kitchen design trends for the year. Recently, 2020 Spaces held the 2020 Design Inspiration Awards for Kitchen and Bath Designers 2016. The contest was created for designers who use the 2020 Design kitchen design software to show off their most inspiring kitchen designs. With over 350 entries from top designers from around the world, we compared kitchen design trends that the winners incorporated in order to test out the predictions.

Here are the top 10 overall kitchen design trends that NKBA predicted for 2016:

  1. Transitional style, with contemporary emerging.
  2. Gray/white/off-white cabinets.
  3. Pull-outs, tilt-outs and tilt-ins for storage.
  4. Wood flooring.
  5. Quartz and granite countertops.
  6. Outdoor kitchens.
  7. Built-in coffee stations and wet bars.
  8. Pocket doors.
  9. Special pet spaces.
  10. Docking and charging stations.

If we drill down in to the NKBA survey colors trends you will see that the contestants held true to the 2016 design community assessment that Blue/grey hues would grow while red/browns would continue to diminish.

NKBA also predicted that when it came to lighting that LED would far away be the choice and LED lighting was used extensively in some of the best entrants. Anthony Johnson has excellent examples of how LED lighting can affect the visual mood of a design.

For the kitchen design contest, winners were selected from three main categories as well as a bonus category:

  1. Transitional
  2. Modern/Contemporary
  3. Traditional
  4. And a bonus category for renderings that use the decorative catalog from 2020 Cloud, a new and innovative way to stream up-to-the-date catalogs from within the 2020 Design kitchen design software.

Out of 350 outstanding entries

  • In the Transitional category, winner Jessica Almburg from Heritage Home Décor and Design, incorporated a traditional with contemporary emerging look. Her kitchen design also had quartz/granite countertops coupled with gray/off white cabinets, a big trend for 2016.
  • In the Modern/Contemporary category, winner Taryn Barth from Paragon Kitchens LTD, incorporated dark cabinets, dark flooring and quartz/granite countertops in her kitchen design.
  • In the traditional category, winner Kailee Helget from R. Henry Construction Inc., incorporated a very traditional style, using white cabinets, wood floors, granite countertops as well as pull outs and tilt-ins for storage.
  • In the bonus category winner Jennifer Lamariana from Signature Interior Designs created a stunning kitchen design utilizing textures and large scale patterns on the floor and ceiling, which made the space look comfortable and cozy, even though it looks quite large.

In a different contest, designers from the UK submitted their most inspiring kitchen designs using 2020 Fusion. Here’s a look at the winners and what kitchen design trends they incorporated:

  • In the Traditional Category, winner Richard Johns from RJ Signature Kitchens, used sloped ceiling and different color and material combinations to bring the outside into the kitchen design. He incorporated quartz countertops, dark cabinets and wood floors.
  • In the Modern/Contemporary Kitchens Category, winner Arran Whitehouse from Anthony Sanders, used dark countertops, white cabinets light flooring to create a crisp, contemporary look.
  • In the Country Kitchens Category, winner David Finnegan from the Panelling Centre, utilized a mix of different colors and textures to create a homey country feel. The designer used built ins and workstations in their kitchen design.

Although the 2020 Design Contest didn’t incorporate this, other popular kitchen design trends of 2016 included Outdoor Kitchens and entertaining space as well framing the island and making this a focal piece in their design utilizing waterfall countertops often in the contest.

What are your predictions for kitchen design trends for 2017? Stay tuned for NKBA’s 2017 predictions at their upcoming show.

Watch the latest webinar here.

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