KORE™ catalog from Kimball Office Available for 2020 Cap and 2020 Giza

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Kimball Office is a design driven, technologically savvy brand, tailoring solutions that provide better workplace, learning & healing environments. For nearly 45 years, Kimball Office has been designing office furniture that is inspiring, productive, and environmentally-responsible. And 2020 is proud to partner with them to provide designers their catalogs for 2020 Cap and 2020 Giza.

The latest product line, KORE™, makes an immediate impact on the workplace—both in function and in feel. With the importance of technology in mind, KORE™ was built for people—for the way they work, interact, and grow.


From open plan, private workspaces to collaborative gathering points, KORE™ consists of conference, occasional, mobile and standing height tables as well as benching applications complete with storage, privacy screens and technology options. KORE™ offers all you need to be inspired and productive.  KORE™ was designed by Swiss architect Daniel Korb and is available in a mix of material and finish options that include woodgrains, laminate, paint and felt.

Have a vision in mind that you can’t quite put into words? Show them! Create high-quality visualizations using KORE ™ products within 2020 Visual Impression.

Install your 2020 Commercial catalog discs or download the catalog from 2020.net and begin designing with KORE™ today!

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