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Lifespan closets Lifespan Closets™ is a US Midwestern Company that manufactures versatile, high-quality and affordable closet and shelving systems for unlimited residential and commercial applications. The strength and simplicity of its materials and design make it easy to redefine, reorganize, and add value to your residential or commercial space.

Lifespan Closets™ are designed to meet your family’s or business’s ever-changing needs. They have the storage solutions that you require – whether you’re reclaiming space in an existing home or building new. The system is created to allow you the versatility to change your spaces wherever and whenever you need.

Experience this Lifespan Closets™ in the interactive 360 panorama created in 2020 Design. Download the Lifespan Closet catalog on under Lifespan Closets.

Lifespan closets

Lifespan Closets™ – Closet Organization Made Easy!
Lifespan Closets™ produces a versatile and affordable closet and shelving system. The high strength and simplicity make it stand out among the competition. In either a residential or commercial setting it will redefine your space and add value.

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