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First Furniture Factory – ALNO (1MF) recently presented their new branding and new collection of Swiss-quality kitchens at Mebel 2015.


This Russian-German joint venture was established a year ago. It is Russia’s largest manufacturer of kitchen furniture that applies the latest technology. State-of-the-art flow-line equipment by European manufacturers was disassembled and brought from the Swiss factory Piatti, owned by the leading kitchen manufacturer ALNO, to complete the existing factory equipment of the First Furniture Factory in St. Petersburg. Now designing of the model range and kitchen production of the Factory is realized under the Swiss standards. The output volume of the Swiss production in Saint-Petersburg is 25,000 of kitchens per year.

As these companies merged factories they also needed to decide on the best software solution to meet their objectives. First Furniture Factory has been working with 2020 solutions for both design and manufacturing operations management while Piatti (owned by the kitchen manufacturer ALNO), was using SAP/3Tec as their ERP-system for generation of specifications and production management.


It may be said without exaggeration that change of the order receipt and production management system is a global change in the organism of any enterprise. However, after long project sessions and discussions of business-processes with all the parties (First Furniture Factory, ALNO, 2020, and 2020 VAR, Faeton), a new concept was developed that would incorporate the new factory into the current processes of the factory using 2020 solutions.

As it turned out in the course of the project, the data model of the products and prototypes of the First Furniture Factory were so flexible that they adjusted to the new extended product range and the new production technologies with minimal changes. Having acquired the best from Piatti`s solution, i.e. centralized equipment control system, and having merged it with 2020 Insight, we managed to realize the most effective integration for the Russian market.

Along with the incorporation of the new factory into the available software, First Furniture Factory – ALNO upgraded to the up-to-date version 2020 Design for the company`s showrooms and this process has approached its final stage.

The aim of this project is to make one of the most beautiful, realistic and developed electronic catalogues of kitchen furniture, which provides dealers with the perfect tool for designing, presenting and selling kitchen furniture. The catalogue allows both work with standard and custom items, and automatic transfer to 2020 Insight. The results of the catalogue work were presented and the first demonstrations to the dealers took place at the Mebel 2015 show.

And finally after nearly half a year, the updated First Furniture Factory – ALNO presents its new collections and new bright brand.

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