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2020 Fusion: Six Tips for Kitchen Storage

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kitchen storage tips

There’s a lot to be said about being asked to design a generous open kitchenfor a client willing to invest in quality products for that wow finish. But these jobs are few and far between and more often than not the brief is to maximise use of the space to make the kitchen feel bigger and uncluttered. The answer, often, is clever kitchen storage.

Here are six kitchen storage tips

Kitchen storage: less is more

1. Less is more

In a small kitchen the client is likely to ask for lots of cupboards so it’s important to manage their expectations and help them to understand that the room should not be overfilled with cabinetry. Not only will it block out light but also make a room feel cramped. Instead highlight the benefits of creating kitchen storage within clever interior fittings in fewer cabinets. Plus, to ensure the room doesn’t feel claustrophobic use 2020 Fusion to include clever lighting that produces shadows and variable light intensity.

Kitchen storage: plan for small kitchen appliances

2. In the clear

Clients dream of having a clutter-free kitchen with clear work surfaces to show off the sleek finish of their new investment. So it is a nice touch to plan kitchenstorage space for all the small appliances, allowing them to be hidden when not in use but are still easily accessible. Large under-counter drawers are a great solution for hiding appliances or add a separate cupboard such as a baking station to keep the kitchen clear of the clutter.

Kitchen storage: corner units

3. U-turn

Corner units, particularly in a U-shaped design, are a very effective use of space and if you include fittings that pull right out your clients won’t end up scrabbling about in the back of the cupboard looking for a saucepan or dish.

Kitchen storage: drawers

4. Full capacity

Drawers are a much better kitchen storage solution than simple shelved cupboards when it comes to maximising space. Plus it is so much easier to find things when they are in drawers. The drawers pull out fully so the whole interior can be viewed at a glance plus dividers allow for the contents to be organised neatly. And, drawers within drawers maximise kitchen storage capacity.

Kitchen storage: highs and lows

5. Highs and lows

A lot of space often remains unused at height in a kitchen so don’t limit kitchen storage to areas within arm’s reach. Why not plan in celling-height cabinets, perfect for items that are not used so regularly and include a sliding ladder or hide a small step ladder in the plinth.

Alternatively, you could include a raised floor in your design and add in a grid system of storage cubes in to the floor which open to give access to a kitchen storage box!

Kitchen storage: shelves

6. Shelf life

Open shelves can provide plenty of kitchen storage and also utilise space that might otherwise be wasted. High level shelves can use space above sinks, doors and windows and spaces too small for a cabinet can be used for shelves for wine, books or small kitchen accessories.
And, if space isn’t an issue and you want to create a sense of luxury or give the kitchen the feel of a professional functional working space, use 2020 Fusion to add shelves along with room accessories such as a bottle of champagne and flowers or plates, pans and utensils to create a realistic look.

Simple solutions

Getting creative with kitchen storage needn’t be complicated. CAD software such as 2020 Fusion, giving you access to AutoCAD, SketchUp and 2020 Cloud, makes it simple for designers to quickly and easily add kitchen storage in 3D views to their customer’s existing designs or Panorama and 3D views for new designs with just a few clicks of the mouse, creating a more practical and functional space.

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