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The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Design for Summer Entertaining

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Outdoor Kitchen DesignWhether it’s a casual family get together or an alfresco happy hour with friends, summer is synonymous with outdoor entertaining. Yet, creating the perfect space for your client to entertain can be a challenge.  Here are 5 tips to designing an outdoor kitchen space:

  1. Flooring: Before you choose appliances and pick out countertops, make sure you select the right flooring material that is equally stylish, long-lasting, comfortable and safe. Take into consideration your clients’ budget, style preferences, as well as placement and maintenance. Durability is a critical issue when it comes to outdoor kitchens; concrete flooring and stone veneer are popular choices for many.
  1. Counter Space: You’ll want to select a material that can weather your climate – be it snow, extreme heat, rain or humidity — and won’t fade or crumble with the elements. Typically, natural stones such as granites are a good choice.  Stone veneers are also popular.
  1. Appliances: You’ll be building your kitchen design around your clients’ appliances of choice, so picking them out early is a good idea. In addition to the most important appliance in your outdoor kitchen — your grill — you can also include refrigerators, warming drawers, brick-ovens, storage drawers, sinks and even a keg!  For some ideas, check out Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen’s 2020 content catalogue, that allows you to include cabinets, drawers, and door styles into your renderings and outdoor living plans.
  1. Entertainment: Don’t forget about entertainment options in your entertaining space! This includes TV, speakers (Sonos are a favorite), gas fireplaces and fire pits.
  1. Ambiance: Much of outdoor entertaining will likely take place in the evenings, so lighting is not only crucial but it also is a great way to set the ambiance. Get other design inspirations and the look you love with this the 2020 Design Decorative Catalog, allowing you to add accessories to your kitchen design mock up, such as dishes, vases, countertop appliances and more.


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