New Kesseler content catalog now available for 2020 Fusion

New Kesseler Content Catalog for 2020 Fusion

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Kesseler reveals content catalogue for 2020 Fusion to create kitchen harmony

Using sophisticated pocket and sliding door mechanisms, British brand Kesseler reveals how to achieve optimum access when the kitchen is in use, and clean lines and visual harmony when it’s not. Meanwhile, 35 new decors ensure maximum individuality and aesthetic appeal. This includes metal finishes such as dark brushed steel and copper, for carcases as well as cabinet fronts. There are also concrete, stunning veneer looks and velvet-touch matts. A carbon fibre edging effect option gives real niche appeal.


Experience Kesseler’s luxury brand kitchen furniture in this new interactive 360 panorama created in 2020 Fusion.

Access the latest 2020 Fusion catalogues in the kitchen planning software via the catalogue download manager.

Last year Kesseler has opened a new factory in Nottinghamshire, doubling capacity. Kesseler’s modern and traditional kitchens come in at all price levels, but with a common thread of attention to design, detail and service. Kesseler is a British luxury brand of hand built contemporary and traditional style kitchen furniture. Our intense focus is on product quality, product specification and customer service. We are dedicated to consistently deliver our business objectives which wholly centre around these facets to best serve our dealership network and market sector. An ever increasing demand for the most refined and considered product designs means we are driven to innovate and create something better for tomorrow’s world, which lead us to our patented jointing technology of cabinets and an exceptional made to measure service. Our confidence in our brand means we offer a lifetime warranty for Kesseler’s factory workmanship.

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