Alpha Pilot – What You Should Know

    • December 20, 2019 at 11:59 am #264176
      • This is an early pre-release, intended to let you play with configurable content from 2020 Cloud in your own environment and at your own pace.
      • We recognize that this is an Alpha version rather than a full production-ready version, therefore we have configured the software so you can run it alongside existing installations of 2020 Design v11.
      • Whatever feedback or comments you have about the solution, we’d love to hear them and you can let us know all about them in this hidden forum.
      • You’ll find a link to this forum in the News tab of the 2020 Cloud Browser in 2020 Design.
      • You can fill in the feedback form without signing in but to post additional information in the forum, you must sign in with your regular 2020 Cloud account credentials – those provided in the Alpha Pilot email should only be used to sign in to 2020 Design.
      • In this forum, you will find a list of known issues and features that have not yet been implemented. This should help set your expectations of this special release.
      • Information posted in the forum is considered confidential and should not be shared or posted elsewhere.
      • Your feedback and comments are very important to us!

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