How does Insight handle inventory counts?

    • November 27, 2014 at 2:25 pm #19793
      Heidi Blackwell
      2020 Expert

      1. Schedule Count Lists: Plan a count list that contains the items you wish to count. The count is scheduled for a specific date. Design and inventory counting strategy by scheduling count lists for selected groups of items.

      2. Freeze Counts: Freeze a count list before you physically count the items on the count list. Freezing the inventory count creates a snapshot of the count items’ on-hand quantities at the time of freezing and saves the snapshot data with the inventory count. The system later compares the frozen quantity with counted quantities.

      3. Count Inventory: Physically count the inventory items on the count list.

      4. Enter Count Results: Enter count results into system.

      5. Complete Inventory Counts: When you are finished entering inventory counts for the count list, change the status of the inventory count list to complete. The system automatically creates inventory adjustments to the current quantity on hand based on the difference between the frozen data and the counted data.

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