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    • October 20, 2019 at 4:51 pm #254267
      Lin Hamilton
      Pilot Pro

      I have given up designing large and ornate kitchens in Version 12.  The file size is very big and even if I have no other program open, the program cannot hold the design settings when saving or reopening.  It also has the habit of crashing.

      In Ver 12, the file in question has a size of 5,463 kb when using Cloud appliances and 4,812 kb after I loaded an old GE catalog and used those appliances.  In Ver 11, the file has a size of 1,637 kb.  Is there a reason why the Ver 12 files are so large?

      I have only minor problems with simple bathrooms or “throw cabinets on the wall” kitchens in 12.

      My 64 bit, solid state drive computer has the maximum memory available.



    • October 22, 2019 at 11:25 am #254421
      Neil Wilson
      2020 Moderator

      Hi Lin,

      Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Beta.  The issues of the file bloat and the designs losing their settings are both known and we are currently working to resolve them.

      We would like to get some more information on the “Habit of Crashing” however.  If it’s okay with you we would like to set up a remote session so we can get a look at your computer/error logs/ messages etc…

      At your convenience if you could reach out to me at (to my attention 🙂 ) and we can set up a time for me to connect and have a look.

      Thanks again for all your help


    • October 23, 2019 at 10:36 am #254808
      Neil Wilson
      2020 Moderator

      Hi Michael,

      I saw your other post but removed it as it was just a copy of this one.  Thank you for letting us know.  I am connecting with Lin Tomorrow afternoon to take a look at the issue.  If I find anything revealing I will let you guys know.

      Thank you


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