What are standard, recommended purging and archiving practices?

    • November 27, 2014 at 1:57 pm #19782
      Heidi Blackwell
      2020 Expert

      In transactional environments, such as the Insight Manufacturing Solutions software, the live production database can grow too large. When allowed to grow unchecked, the volume of data can degrade system performance. The insight system includes various strategies for purging and archiving transactional data. The purge and archive architecture is modular, allowing different approaches and techniques in different data areas of the system.

      Consider the business needs of your organization to determine whether to purge only, or to both purge and archive. The decision to archive data is not an all-or-nothing decision. Because the purge and archive functions are modular, you can choose to purge and archive some data areas, and to purge other data areas without archiving.

      Determine the amount of data to retain in the live environment. You might need to retain some data areas in the live environment for a longer period of time that you retain other data areas.

      Determine how often to execute the purge and archive process. The recommended interval is one month or less. In high-volume data environments, consider weekly purging and archiving. Running the purge and archive process at regular intervals prevents data from growing large enough to degrade system performance and shortens the time required to run the purge and archive process.

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