2020 Fusion Training Benefits and FAQ's

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2020 training

Training Benefits

Get more from your investment in Fusion software by learning how to use its features and functionality to their full potential.

  • Enhance your design skills and learn essential time saving tips from experienced 20-20 Technologies technicians
  • Optimise your sales presentations with advanced design techniques and easy ways to increase the efficiency of quotations
  • Gain practical hands on experience and first hand knowledge of the latest Fusion features and current market trends
  • Choose from a wide range of courses tailored to your individual skill level
  • Courses are held regularly, throughout the UK, making them easily accessible for retailers nationwide
  • Our course locations provide an optimal environment for learning and provide the latest state of the art equipment


Q: I do not have Fusion software can I still attend a training course?
A: Yes, although in order to gain maximum benefit from our courses we do recommend that delegates continue to practice with Fusion afterwards.

Q: Are all abilities catered for?
A: Fusion training offers a wide range of courses tailored to individual skill levels. You can choose courses to teach you everything from basic design principals through to advanced technical expertise. All Fusion courses assume a basic understanding of PC’s and the use of Microsoft Windows.

Q: What is the cost of training courses?
A: Costs vary from £200 per person to £800 per day dependent on the course, location and number of delegates attending.

Q: Is there a training venue near me?
A: Fusion courses are held regularly, at a range of venues throughout the UK, making them easily accessible for retailers nationwide.

Q: I have used Fusion software for years, do I need training?
A: No matter how experienced you are, training can provide new insight and advantages. What’s more, Fusion courses are affordable and have been developed to help designers save time and improve efficiency, allowing retailers to benefit from an increased return on their investment.

Q: Is there any preparation I should do before a training course?
A: If you are new to using PC’s then we strongly recommend that you attend an introductory Computing course.

Q: Is there a discount for group training bookings?
A: Yes, a 20% discount is available for bookings of 3 or more delegates from the same company attending the same course. Larger discounts are available for companies wishing to book all places on a course.

Q: Will I need to bring any equipment with me when I attend a training course?
A: No. All required equipment will be provided for you, including a laptop PC and full course notes.

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