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2020 Imagine: August 2015

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2020 Imagine is a quarterly newsletter that provides news and tips for design professionals, manufacturers and retailers. Stay connected via the 2020 Community.

Professional News

2020 catalog content

Manufacturing News

  • Embawood Implements 2020 Insight

    Embawood Implements 2020 Insight

    With seven production plants, 250 retailer and more than 3,500 employees, Embawood is the largest furniture manufacturer in Azerbaijan. They have recently partnered with 2020 to streamline manufacturing across their plants.


  • Haas Cabinets

    Haas Cabinets

    Offering catalogs for 2020 Design has helped Haas Cabinets create accurate orders, find new dealers, and sell more product.


Retail News

  • Facilitating the Customer Buying Process
  • Facilitating the Customer Buying Process

    In today’s marketplace, customers are more involved in the design process than ever before, accessing retail products and establishing their design preferences from a variety of places—including home computers, in-store, and on mobile devices. With 2020 Ideal Spaces, retailers can align with customer behavior and engage with them on every step of their interior design journey.


Partner News

  • Elmia uses 2020 Fusion

    Elmia uses 2020 Fusion to design displays for expos, fares and tradeshows.

  • Based in Sweden, EVRY Excite has over 15 years’ experience using 2020 Fusion in different industries such as kitchens, car interiors, offices and fares. Their customer, Elmia, has used 2020 Fusion to present and offer customised displays for end user at fares creating greater efficiency and more orders generated in a shorter time.


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