From the first customer contact to the assembly of your furniture — we support you in the optimization and execution of your processes.

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Manufacturing Solution: 2020 Insight

Optimize your production processes and be always up to date with the latest information

A flexible and dynamic enterprise manufacturing solution is the foundation for the success of any furniture manufacturer’s strategy. The new 2020 Insight now offers even more features to help you accelerate your own customer satisfaction and digital transformation initiatives.

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Strengthen your sales with the new mobile app and always be up to date.

With the implementation of 2020 Insight Mobility, you can enhance worker productivity, communication and customer satisfaction. Choose the app that fits your specific business needs or get all three.

Field Sales
Arm your sales team with the information they need exactly when they need it—in the field. This app provides access to customer account data, history, a GPS map locator, order status and customer analysis.

Field Service
Tied to the new Service Management Module, this app empowers your technicians to deliver effective on-site service with the ability to schedule and track requests, manage personnel and get visibility into operations. With mobile access to a shared service calendar, users can view and upload documents, photos and drawings from the field, initiate replacement part orders in real time and confirm installations.

Business Intelligence
This app provides timely access to pre-built metrics and dashboards that can be modified to suit the needs of individual users. Better monitor your business KPI’s and/or metrics from anywhere.

Take the customer journey from end to end.

With the addition of our new Service Management Module, we now take the customer journey from design and manufacturing through to delivery and installation or other service(s) required in the final phase of a job.

The module supports all installation and service activities required at a customer site, including scheduling of time, resources, professionals and equipment. A shared calendar offers a complete view of your service activities, solving disjointed communications, over-scheduled resources and under-skilled technicians. Build on customer-driven manufacturing with a keen eye on customer satisfaction.

Customer Success Story

To operate successfully in the international project business, you not only need exceptional product quality in order to stand out from the competition in the global market. It also requires a high degree of flexibility with regard to order processing and customer-specific production.

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Retail Solution: 2020 Ideal Spaces

Bring your customers’ dream spaces to life with 2020 Ideal Spaces

According to a Google study, 4 out of 5 people are now doing internet research before larger acquisitions. As more and more ‘Millenials’ browse the network, compare products and prices, and check inventory, retailers need to think more about how they are going to present themselves in the online market and how to adapt to the needs of a generation that wants to buy from anywhere.

With 2020 Ideal Spaces, our web-based 3D design tool, you offer your customers the freedom to let their creativity run free and create their perfect living spaces.

Curious how our customers are using 2020 Ideal Spaces? Here you can find more information about èggo and B&Q.

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