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Liebherr appliances are renowned for perfectly detailed finishes, timeless elegance, and sleek design. German precision engineering inside and out leads to a sophisticated product that incorporates clean simple lines on the exterior to fit flawlessly within kitchen décor as well as superior performance features on the interior for smart, flexible storage and better food preservation, through Liebherr’s patented BioFresh technology. With Liebherr, function and design align beautifully.

By combining a wide selection of models, functions, and features, Liebherr has integrated style and technology into its premium appliances to complement unique kitchen environments that are designed with your busy lifestyle.


Experience Liebherr’s premium appliances in the interactive 360 panorama created in 2020 Design.

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New for 2016 is the UPR 503. Under-worktop refrigerators ensure that fresh food is always within easy reach. The UPR 503 under-worktop pull-out refrigerator impressively combines high energy efficiency with plenty of storage space. An integrated height adjustment system allows these appliances to be matched to the worktop height for perfectly aligned integration into the kitchen. Two fully extendable glass storage shelves have adjustable stainless steel railings to keep stored products safe and they provide easy accessibility. A sliding bottle holder keeps bottles securely in place.

Experience Superior Freshness with BioFresh
BioFresh technology guarantees optimal and individual environments for lasting food freshness. Maintaining temperatures at just above 32°F, BioFresh helps preserve nutrients, flavors, and appetizing appearance of your favorite foods. Practical interior features and functions include plenty of storage space and a clear view of the items stored.

Food is stored in specialized compartments offering ideal temperature and humidity levels for fruit and vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products. This customized interplay of temperature and humidity ensures that foods’ flavors and appearance last longer, up to 3* times that of traditional refrigerators. An increase in storage life also means an increase in essential vitamins and minerals, helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Humidity control plates allow air humidity to be set individually per compartment.

The HydroSafe climate keeps unpackaged fruit, vegetables and salads crisp in a high-humidity environment. Precision electronic controls maintain the temperature so that even with high humidity, food will not unintentionally freeze.

With the slider open, humidity levels are lowered, turning the compartment into a DrySafe, ideal for storing fish, meat, and dairy products.
The ultimate tool for all health conscious food lovers, the BioFresh App is available from the App Store and Google Play. Get valuable information regarding food storage, vitamins, minerals, and shelf life all in one place- helping you make the most out of your grocery purchases.

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