New AGA Catalog Available on 2020 Cloud

2020 2020 Content Studio, PCS

AGADiscover the AGA range of cast iron cookers using 2020 Cloud. All 2020 Cloud customers based in the UK can now add the huge selection of AGA cookers to their 2020 Fusion designs.

The AGA catalog includes a variety of 20 different appliances with 17 colour variations, allowing designers to choose exactly the products they need. 2020 Cloud also provides a link from each AGA product directly to a full overview of that product on the AGA website, where you can be provided with everything you need to know.

Please be sure to share your thoughts on using the 2020 Cloud AGA catalog, and review the thoughts of other  customers in the 2020 Community.

View the entire collection of AGA products on their website.

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