Make Your Designs Come to Life with the New Decorative Catalog on 2020 Cloud!

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2020 users in North America and the UK can now add items from the 2020 Cloud Decorative Catalog to make their kitchen and bathroom designs come to life! Add dishes, vases, countertop appliances and more to provide the design a warm, a lived-in feel. We’ve added more items to the 2020 Decorative …

AEG comes to 2020 Cloud!

2020 PCS

We’re pleased to announce the availability of AEG products on 2020 Cloud for customers in the UK. This catalog contains over 160 products, including Ovens Hobs Cooker Hoods Fridges & Freezers Dishwashers Warming Drawers Washing Machines Tumble Dryers Washer Dryers

Bosch – Now Available on 2020 Cloud

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of a complete Bosch catalog for 2020 users in the UK! This exciting new catalog of over 250 items includes a wide variety of appliances, exclusively available on 2020 Cloud, including Ovens Hobs Coffee Makers Cooker Hoods Fridges & Freezers Dishwasher Washing Machines Washer …

2020 Cloud Updates!

2020 PCS

You may have noticed that we recently launched an update to 2020 Cloud. This new version offers support for upcoming product types, like worktop cut-outs, support for catalog-level release notes, support for non-graphical products and various performance enhancements. This release of 2020 Cloud paves the way for additional features and …

NEW Lifespan Closets™ Catalog Available for 2020 Design!

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Lifespan Closets™ is a US Midwestern Company that manufactures versatile, high-quality and affordable closet and shelving systems for unlimited residential and commercial applications. The strength and simplicity of its materials and design make it easy to redefine, reorganize, and add value to your residential or commercial space. Lifespan Closets™ are …