Smart Techniques to Close the Sale

Smart techniques to support closing the sale

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[Webinar]Smart techniques to support closing the sale – with Simon AcresDo you want to improve your sales techniques? In this exclusive lunch and learn, KBB industry figure Simon Acres discloses his best tips to support closing more sales in the busy kitchen & bathroom market. From making a first impression …

Meet Successful Designers

Meet successful designers

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[Webinar]Meet successful designers – A round table discussionIn this engaging roundtable discussion, you will get to know four incredibly talented kitchen and bathroom designers as they walk you through various aspects of their job in today’s evolving marketplace. Request recordingSign up today and discover how these designers began their journeys …

Webinar: Big 2020 Office Tips

Big 2020 Office tips

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[Webinar]Big 2020 Office tipsCheck out two unique 2020 Office workshops created by our 2020 Training team with the goal to educate and provide you with a few helpful tips. Watch them both today!Request recordingRenee Cooper Training Specialist, 2020Big time saver with 2020 WorksheetDoes discounting in 2020 Worksheet terrify you? Don’t …

Discover the possibilities of a modern MES

Discover the possibilities of a modern MES

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[Webinar]Discover the possibilities that a modern MES offers manufacturersMES solutions have cleared the way and made it possible to address issues that typically impact a factory’s production efficiency, product quality, and compliance challenges, which are critical to the success of any manufacturer.Request recordingHave you ever asked yourself: What’s happening on …

The Future of Cloud-Based Content

The future of Cloud-based content

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[On-demand webinar] The future of the manufacturing industry is hereAccording to a study conducted by Gartner, 85% of enterprises will have a Cloud-first principle by 2025. Manufacturer catalogs should be no exception. Currently, an average of 40% of designers work with out-of-date catalogs which can result in inaccurate quotes and …

What’s new in 2020 Design Live

What’s new in 2020 Design Live

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[Webinar]See what’s new and improved 2020 Design Live is the leading kitchen and bathroom design software on the market. Discover what new features and enhancements have been made over the last couple of months. All the changes made to 2020 Design Live have been done to help improve and streamline …

Designing for Independence and Dignity… Without Talking About It!

Designing for independence and dignity… without talking about it!

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[Webinar]Design for an aging populationOver 15% of the US population is over the age of 65. As this demographic continues to grow, more and more designers are finding themselves wondering how to design for those looking to age in place. Do you have a desire to grow professionally and meet …

Webinar - What's new in the 2020 Office v2022 release?

What’s new in 2020 Office v2022

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[Webinar]Everything you need to know about 2020 Office v20222020 Office, the leading office design and specification suite of applications, released its latest version 2022, and we have some exciting new features, including additions to 2020 Cap Complete.Request recordingWhat you can expect to learn about 2020 Cap Complete:Discover the new CAD …

Webinar - Presentations just got EZ-er

Presentations just got EZ-er

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[On-demand webinar]Visualizing your designs has never been easierDid you know that with our exclusive rendering engine, EZ Render, you can create high-quality renders in a fraction of the time with 85% close rate after the initial meeting? Our on-demand webinar on presentation techniques is geared toward providing you with advice, …