Webinar: How Cabinet Manufacturers Benefit from Integrated Software

How Cabinet Manufacturers Benefit from Integrated Software

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2020 Insight Webinar

Manufacturing software for cabinet manufacturers

2020 Insight has been characterized as an ERP solution, an application platform, a MES solution or engineering automation tool. While each category is undoubtedly correct, the most important characterization is 2020’s focused commitment to develop an integrated, modular software suite for kitchen manufacturers of all sizes.

This webinar will take you on a kitchen cabinet journey: from the individual cabinet components on a kitchen floorplan to a fully manufactured kitchen on the delivery truck and ready for installation.

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Meet the presenter:

Joerg Brauns
Joerg Brauns,
2020 Senior Director Business Development

With over 20 years of experience in the woodworking industry around the world, Joerg Brauns has managed ERP implementations and led a team of professional engineers and consultants, before managing new and existing manufacturing accounts for North America. Joerg is also a member of 2020’s worldwide Factory leadership team.

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