2021 Interior Design Trends – UK Special Webinar Series

2021 Interior Design Trends – UK Special Webinar Series

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2021 Interior Design Trends
[UK Special Webinar Series]

2021 Interior Design Trends

Discover the 2021 Interior Design Trends in partnership with renowned manufacturers.

As an interior designer, kitchen and bath dealer, or manufacturer, it is essential to stay up to date on the latest trends for kitchen, bath and interior design. Knowing and understanding the trends, what influences them, and how to apply them to your next design is crucial to your business.

About the presenters:


Presented by AEG​
  • Colin Swift

    Colin Swift

    Product Specialist AEG Logo


Presented by Symphony​
  • Nicola Wiley

    Nicola Wiley

    Retail Marketing Manager Symphony Logo


Presented by Utopia​
  • Richard Shore

    Richard Shore

    Head of Product Design Utopia Logo

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