Digital Transformation in the new "never normal"

Digital Transformation in the new “never normal”

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2020 Webinar
Get insights from leading retailers as we discuss the changes brought on by the pandemic and new trends in retail and in consumer buying behaviors. Just when we thought advances in technology and data are disrupting business to either create or destroy value – a global pandemic, the shift in behaviour and mindset around purpose and planet over profit means we’re dealing in a world where retail and manufacturing enterprises need to adapt, transform and compete in world where the new normal is in a state of perpetual flux.

Alwin Magimay
Alwin Magimay
EMEA Chief Digital Officer

Key learning points:
  • Why the need for digital transformation, especially now
  • Helpful frameworks to asses the value and outcomes of digital transformation projects
  • Questions to consider to inspire your own digital transformation projects
  • And so much more…

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