Discover the possibilities that 2020 Maker offers

Discover the NEW solution for cabinetmakers

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Webinar - Discover the new solution for cabinetmakers

Discover the possibilities that 2020 Maker offers

2020 Maker is an all-in-one solution created specifically to design, render and generate production information for kitchen, bath and closet manufacturers. It combines a design tool with a fully engineered product catalog, including optimization and CNC machine data. 2020 Maker streamlines project and customer management, shortens the sales cycle, and increases your production and material efficiency.

Here are some of the benefits of the new all-in-one solution for cabinetmakers:

  • Reduce errors and duplication of effort while increasing efficiency
  • Shorten purchase decision time with high-quality renderings
  • Design custom products efficiently with built-in parametric functionalities
  • Built-in management and CRM capabilities

Meet the Presenters

Diane Burgess
Diane Burgess

Global product manager, 2020

Harry Urban
Harry Urban

Publisher, Woodworking Network

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