Discover the possibilities of a modern MES

Discover the possibilities of a modern MES

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Looking for a modern, integrated MES system?Looking for a modern, integrated MES system?

Discover the possibilities that a modern MES offers manufacturers

MES solutions have cleared the way and made it possible to address issues that typically impact a factory's production efficiency, product quality, and compliance challenges, which are critical to the success of any manufacturer.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • What’s happening on the shop floor?
  • When do I have to do maintenance on my machines and how will that affect my capacity planning when scheduling jobs?
  • Where are the missing parts?

An MES solution provides a digital backbone that can be used as a single source of truth for the production process of an organization. It serves to connect the dots.

In this webinar Joerg Brauns dives into the depths of MES to help you understand what a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is and what its benefits and key functionalities are. You will discover why 2020 Insight’s MES is made for the woodworking industry.

Meet the Presenters

Joerg Brauns
Joerg Brauns

Senior Director of Business Development,

Harry Urban
Harry Urban

Woodworking Network

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