Uncover 2020 Design v11.12

Uncover 2020 Design v11.12

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2020 Design: Uncover 2020 Design v11.12

2020 Design Webinar

Join 2020 and discover the new features available in 2020 Design version 11.12. Check out all the new enhancements we put into place to make you a more efficient and productive designer. We are eager to show you everything that is now available. It is a can’t-miss event.

What’s new to learn:

  • How to use the brand-new multiple dimensions tool
  • Explore the latest magicplan enhancements
  • Learn all about the three types of light sources that were added to make your designs shine

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    Meet the presenter:

    Santiago Morales,
    2020 Product Manager

    Santiago is the Product Manager for 2020 Design and embraces working with a diverse and talented team. Santiago has particularly enjoyed working on the 2020 Cloud to bring customers a practical, yet exciting way to access manufacturers’ catalogs.

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