What’s new in 2020 Design Live

What’s new in 2020 Design Live

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Webinar - What’s new in 2020 Design Live

See what’s new and improved

2020 Design Live is the leading kitchen and bathroom design software on the market. Discover what new features and enhancements have been made over the last couple of months. All the changes made to 2020 Design Live have been done to help improve and streamline your business. We are excited to show them all off to you.
This webinar will cover:
  • Locking of items. You can now lock specific categories or items such as walls, windows and doors. This will prevent accidents from happening when editing your projects.
  • Basic mirroring. You can now mirror projects containing 2020 Cloud items. Mirroring is a powerful tool that allows duplication of projects for apartment complexes.
  • Time tracker. Easily track the time you spend on each of your design projects to provide more accurate estimates and quotes to your customers.
  • EZ Render update. EZ Render now offers the "Textures with Edges" rendering mode.
  • 360° Panorama multi-point. Easily navigate from different viewpoints and perspectives to show off your design from all angles.
  • Live share. Share design renderings for live feedback from your customers. Make changes on the fly and allow your customers to collaborate on the design process.
  • Bokeh effect. Showcase products or elements within your design that are most important to your clients by putting them in focus while blurring out the background.

Meet the presenter
Santiago Morales
Santiago Morales
Product Manager,
2020 Design Live

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