2020 Cloud

What is 2020 Cloud?

2020 Cloud is an innovative way to access catalog content in your favorite design application.

Just start the application and get immediate access to thousands of items directly from the new 2020 Cloud browser. Catalogs are updated regularly and are instantly available to stream to your software without the hassle of downloading or installing. Access the 2020 Cloud newsfeed to find out about recently added/modified catalogs, tips, tricks and more.

2020 Cloud

2020 Cloud Benefits for Designers

  • No more manual downloads! Just search for the item you need and click to add it to your design.
  • Content is certified to work with your applications—eliminate the hassles of ensuring your catalog version works with your application version.
  • Content is always up to date—catalogs are streamed live and manufacturer updates are applied instantly.
  • Quickly and easily find out about new catalogs that are available via the News tab.
2020 Cloud

2020 Cloud Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Leverage 2020 Cloud to make your products instantly available to 2020’s professional design community.
  • Use the 2020 Cloud newsfeed to promote and market your products.
  • Create and publish your catalog directly on 2020 Cloud using new authoring and publishing tools.
  • Get analytics on how your catalog is performing.

Watch a 3 minute overview!

2020 Cloud is an online streaming solution for accessing content directly within newer versions of 2020 software applications like 2020 Design and 2020 Fusion. It provides you with everything you need to browse, search and then add catalog products into your designs.

Many manufacturers are already on board!

2020 Cloud
2020 Cloud
2020 Cloud
2020 Cloud
2020 Cloud
2020 Cloud

So, how do I get started with 2020 Cloud?


Make sure you are on the latest version of 2020 Design or 2020 Fusion.


Create a 2020 Community account. You can use this account to sign in to 2020 Cloud.

How to access 2020 Cloud from 2020 Design

How to access 2020 Cloud from 2020 Fusion

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