Work at 2020!

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Laval, Quebec, Canada, 2020 employs over 500 people and operates in 9 countries. 2020 helps professional designers, retailers and manufacturers in the interior design and furniture industries capture ideas, inspire innovation and streamline processes. By providing end-to-end solutions and the world’s largest collection of manufacturers’ catalogues, 2020 provides businesses with the software and content to be more efficient, integrated and productive. 2020 applications allow professional designers to create kitchens, bathrooms, closets and commercial offices which look as stunning on the screen as they do in reality. Learn more>>

Find YOUR space at 2020! We are looking for motivated, passionate individuals to join our team.

Life at 2020

By joining 2020 you will be part of an organization that has its employees’ best interest at heart and who offers global exposure, challenging and meaningful work, innovative software tools and a highly collaborative work environment. 2020’s culture is rooted in 4 key defining values which don’t come from the top down, rather from the employees themselves! These values serve as the foundation for our strategic decisions and how we conduct business overall.

  • Be accountable for your commitments, decisions and actions
  • Collaborate to achieve shared goals
  • Act with integrity and respect
  • Embrace change, improvement and learning

The Perks

We work hard and we have fun. We do expect a lot but we offer some pretty amazing perks and we want to ensure our employees are well compensated. Here are a few of the plus of working together

HR_perks_cycling  A cycling club in some locations


Retirement plans with employer contributions

Employee rewards and recognition program

HR_perks_health  Health and wellness programs


Open concept office space in many locations

HR_perks_green  Green Initiatives in many offices

HR_perks_dental  Medical Benefits


Access to an employee assistance program


Outdoor eating space in most locations

HR_perks_medical  Dental Benefits

HR_perks_recognitionprogram  Years of service recognition program

HR_perks_referral  Employee referral program

HR_perks_educationalreimbursement  Educational Reimbursement

Employee Spotlight

Nicole Mentzen

Marketing Manager in Osnabruck
Germany office.

I´m the Marketing Manager for EMEA. I´m responsible for the marketing activities in our main markets there, such as UK, France, Germany, Poland and Russia. Together with the marketing team in the head office in Canada, I create email campaigns, brochures and other artwork, organize shows, deliver content to the press etc. etc. – everything to support our sales guys and help to achieve our revenue targets. And of course put 2020 in the mind of our customers and prospects.

To be honest – there´s no such thing as a “typical” day. Dealing with different products, different sales teams and at least five different languages makes it difficult to have a typical day. I´m concentrated on organizing a show in Moscow, next day I´m creating an email campaign for one of our products in France or think about possible webinar topics for our UK market. Plus there are journalists calling from every country to ask for the latest company news or our software releases, not to mention the meetings which are necessary to keep in touch with all the departments at 2020 to gather information and being up-to-date for the daily work.

I love working with people from so many countries. Of course it´s challenging sometimes as we all are used to different business cultures, but it´s great to see how everybody is collaborating and trying to give their best for the company to achieve the goals we have set together. As we are a small marketing team you just need to learn new things every day in order to get things done and support the company in the best possible way.

Only one? Humm, okay, then I´d like to be able to clone myself. I could be at different places at the same time, discuss with people, meet their requests and get things done without any personal and timely restraints. While doing this, one of my clones could be sitting on the beach, looking at the waves and just relaxing 🙂

Ludovic Soler

Account Service Manager
Mouans Sartoux, France office.

Buenas Dias, Hello, Guten Tag, Buena será… This is my daily routine, which is anything but a routine; setting up pre-sales meeting in Spain, scheduling Italian Catalogue production, while driving to an Ideal Spaces meeting in Germany, with corporate account management to lead in France later on that month coordinated with our UK offices best practices… This is what my definition of a fulfilling job is. Merci et à bientôt!

Being able to bridge the gap between the Sales Team, the Data Team, the Pro Service Team and customers from all over Europe.

We do have our Patriarchal-hierarchical side which is highly enriched by the North-American spirit bringing freedom in the relationships between all employees while respect is maintained. It’s like being part of a family, except that we chose to be part of it.

Superman, he is the only one who is admired by many of us, even if he wears his red underwear on top of his pants. I tried to do the same and I didn’t come out with the same results…LOL

Nikhil Soman

Principle Software Engineer
Pune, India office

Working as a Principal Software Engineer for CiC (Content in Cloud) 3D team. The responsibilities include developing and supporting 3D Authoring systems for CiC.
Well know software company with best in class products with 3D aspects and all together new presence in India makes a really good combination to attract people like me to 2020.
The overall work culture and exciting nature of the work is very import for me and I am getting the same in 2020.
Very few people know that I am an artist. I do sculptures, paintings and play Sitar (an Indian classical Instrument).

Frédéric Archambault

Software Developer
Laval office

Senior Developer, Taoism mixed with dark humor, certified scrum master and advocate of development within an agile environment. I work on 2020 Design, our product used mostly with interior designers. I analyze needs, code and develop, it’s tough to describe the developer role.
2020 Design is a desktop product. I work in C# and C++.
The team! I work with an exceptional group of people. Not only are they super smart and push me to surpass my capabilities but they are a cool group of people to pass a Friday night for a “Lan party or debug session” which always proves more difficult than expected.
I am passionate about astrophysics, mountain climbing, painting, literature, history and heavy metal music. In my spare time I like to build video games and ride motorcycles.