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This feature-rich kitchen and bathroom design software brings realism, speed and accuracy to space-planning, allowing designers to retrieve data with one click.

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2020 Fusion v6

New rendering system

2020 Fusion’s new rendering system delivers great quality without the wait. Four ‘Planning’ level renders (Wireframe, White Fill, Colour Fill and Draft) take no time all, supporting the need to work quickly and efficiently during the design phase. A ‘Presentation’ render (~10 seconds) brings an unrivaled level of detail to the live sales environment, while ‘Presentation Plus’ offers an even greater degree of quality in a matter of minutes.  
Video: New rendering system

Background process rendering

2020 Fusion’s background processing mechanism now also applies to presentation level rendering. This means you can undertake multiple actions without having to wait for a render to finish first. Renders can be easily interrupted or changed and will automatically restart following any adjustments to the design.

New named views solution

2020 Fusion’s Named View system has been completely reinvented to offer designers a more user-friendly and consistent solution. Using a tab mechanism similar to Microsoft Excel, both automatically generated and user-defined named views can be easily created, recalled and manipulated.

Mouse wheel zoom

Quickly and easily zoom in and out to view your design in plan, elevation or perspective by rotating the wheel on your mouse forwards or backwards. When zoomed in, hold down the mouse wheel to drag the view to a desired position.

Updated help system

2020 Fusion’s newly updated online help system is accessible via the F1 key command and will launch an extensive library of reference materials. In addition, ‘Tell me what you want to do…’ emulates corresponding functionality in Microsoft Office 2016, allowing you to quickly search for and easily select menu options and commands.

Numeric annotation enhancements

Previous versions of 2020 Fusion allowed various numeric annotation sorting methods to be applied across different view types; for many users, this was confusing. Now, consistent numbering is guaranteed across all views in a design by solely referencing the numeric sorting method defined in the Item List view.

Modify attributes for multiple items

This time-saving enhancement allows you to select multiple items in a design and make the same change to common attributes via the ‘Items’ tab. It is now easier than ever to change dimensions, properties, positions and categories for more than one item at a time.

Snapping indicators

Specific functions that reference snapping points in a design are now further enhanced via the use of visual indicators. Snapping indicators now appear when applying manual dimensions, measuring, tiling and when placing linear items using the single or multi line tools.

Style prompt for replaced items

When replacing an item that resides in a style block other than the default, 2020 Fusion prompts you to decide whether you wish to assign the replacement item to the default style (previously applied automatically), or whether the replacement item should be added to the same style block as the item being replaced.

64-bit application

2020 Fusion v6 is only available as a 64-bit application. A minimum of a 2GB dedicated DirectX 11 compatible graphics card is required. For users of high resolution screens, a 4GB graphics card is recommended.

Windows 10 certification

As a previous recipient of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 certifications, 2020 Fusion Version 6 has also been submitted for the status of Windows 10 Compatible.

Design Features

Work Smarter

Draw walls, doors, windows, ceilings and more with our easy-to-use interface. Add real manufacturer products to your design in plan, elevation or perspective view using drag-and-drop functionality. Take advantage of 2020 Fusion’s many time-saving wizards and tools to complete common or repetitive tasks with maximum efficiency.

Wall layout wizard

Create a design outline using one of the simple wall templates or the multiple wall layout tool.

Design wizard

Select the required walls and let 2020 Fusion automatically create a design for you by placing manufacturer’s products in the space provided. You can even dictate specific items to be placed on particular walls and allow 2020 Fusion to fill in the gaps!

Design variations

It is so easy to create design variations with 2020 Fusion—ranging from a simple ‘duplicate’ to an exact ‘mirror’ of the design (either in the horizontal of vertical plane) or to completely reimagine an existing design using a different manufacturer’s catalogue in no more than a few keystrokes!


Use 2020 Fusion’s autofeatures wizard to select and apply linear items such as cornice, pelmet, plinth, worktop, side panels and ceiling fillers to your design. Not only is this performed automatically, 2020 Fusion also optimises the elements into standard lengths and calculates the overall price.

When you’re designing worktops, cutouts for sinks, taps and hobs are automatically created and positioned correctly and a separate wizard is launched, allowing you to apply cuts, joints, edging and linked items quickly and easily.

Maximise efficiency

2020 Fusion is with you all the way, performing multiple checks and validations while you work—to keep you working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Room validation wizard

Every time a design is opened, 2020 Fusion automatically validates the design against the latest installed catalogue and reports any differences and discrepancies.

Clash detection

Built-in clash detection helps to keep your designs error-free. 2020 Fusion will notify you whenever any items in the design are overlapping and will indicate the specific items in a dedicated interface.

Product availability

2020 Fusion monitors all products in the design and will advise you whenever a given item is not available in the style, colour or material assigned to it.

Safety in mind

We know your work is valuable, and 2020 Fusion gives you added confidence with its ‘autosave’ facility. In addition, all actions are recorded in a design session and can be rolled back or forwards using multiple Undo/Redo functionality.

It’s all in the details

Add extra authenticity to your designs by focusing on coverings, lighting and decoration.

Complete tiling and covering tools

Embellish your designs with a wide variety of surfaces, including tiling, flooring, carpeting and wallpaper. Apply custom patterns, place feature tiles and insert manufacturer-specified combinations. In addition, 2020 Fusion automatically validates your choices and calculates the amount of material you will need to cover each respective area.


Applying lighting to your designs has never been easier! By default, 2020 Fusion automatically applies artificial lighting to your design, but it is really simple to amaze your customers with a variety of lighting effects, such as setting the sunlight direction or applying sunlight themes (sunrise, sunset, night, etc.). ‘User’ lights (e.g. ceiling, cabinet, worktop or plinth lights) can also be easily placed within a scene, and you have the full flexibility to change their colour and intensity. No time? Then use the application’s ‘Autolighting’ functionality, which places a selection of user lights automatically for you.

Decorate and accessorise

2020 Cloud offers an incredible variety of decorative items, allowing you to ‘dress’ a design with all the home comforts needed to add authenticity to your creations. Favourite elements can be saved together as ‘Grouped Items’ for reuse in future designs.

Pricing and Reporting

2020 Fusion’s extensive range of manufacturer catalogues are fully priced, allowing you to not only produce stunning designs, but to also produce accurate quotations, invoices and reports. 2020 Fusion supports complex pricing structures as well the application of discounts, surcharges and trade/retail factors. A wide variety of standard reports are available, or you can create your own bespoke reports using 2020 Fusion’s ‘Report Wizard’ function.

Dimensioning & Annotation

Automatic dimensioning and annotation

As you add products to your design, 2020 Fusion instantly dimensions and annotates them to pinpoint accuracy, based upon your own user-defined preferences. Plans and elevations can be presented using industry standard dimension rail types and witness lines for a truly professional effect.

Dimension rails can also be appended with additional information such as manufacturer order codes and heights from floor. Annotation is automatically added using your choice of manufacturer product codes or 2020 Fusion’s own numeric indexing system which is fully aligned with Fusion’s product listing and reporting tools.

Manual dimensioning and annotation

You can add manual dimensions to a design, as well as create save and recall your own design-specific notes, or general business terms and conditions. A full range of installation symbols are also available to allow you to clearly indicate important areas of the design such as plumbing and electrical points.

Unit listing/installation symbol legends

Plan and elevation printouts can also be configured to display user-defined product legends or installation symbol keys, providing customers and installers alike with clear details of the items being represented.

Presentation Features

Life-like renderings

Produce life-like renderings quickly and easily with 2020 Fusion’s revolutionary rendering technology, balancing quality and performance while taking full advantage of your computer’s hardware capabilities. Fully optimised to work with 2020 Cloud, designers can expect pixel-perfect representations of their chosen manufacturers’ products, as well as accurate lighting effects, realistic textures and more!

Powerful layer & named views system

2020 Fusion automatically assigns items in your design to specific product layers, allowing you to easily create dedicated views featuring specific product types. Items in each layer can also be assigned a different colour, allowing them to be easily identifiable. It is also possible to create and assign design items to your own user-defined layers in each individual design in combination with the layers automatically defined by 2020 Fusion.

Working in conjunction with 2020 Fusion’s layer functionality, you can create, save and recall user-defined views. This functionality allows you to easily showcase different design viewpoints and lighting conditions via a series of view tabs and present simplified or product-specific layered views.

360° panoramic views

The 360° Panorama feature in 2020 Fusion allows you to provide your clients with an immersive 3D experience that makes them feel like they are right inside their new design. Simply email a panoramic view link to your clients and they can open it in web browsers or on mobile devices and share with friends and family. The feature provides an inspiring and highly professional way to get your customers excited about their new space and increases the chances of them moving forward with the project.

You can also use panoramas as marketing tools on your website and for future prospects! The panorama feature is included free of charge to supported 2020 Fusion customers, and there is no limit on how many you can produce.

See library of 360 Panoramas  

Create impressive movies

Let customers take a virtual tour of their dream space with 2020 Fusion’s movie generation feature. Movies can be configured to focus on a series of specific areas of the design. Play the movie directly on screen or send it to your clients to be played on a PC or compatible mobile device.

Comprehensive printing & export options

2020 Fusion offers a variety of printing options—from paper printouts to PDF export. Particularly impressive is the application’s batch-printing capabilities, which allow you to define a collection of named views and reports for a given design and then send to the printer as a single ‘batch set’. Designs can also be exported in a variety of industry standard export formats, such as DXF, Collada, Wavefront, XML, SketchUp and more. Each of these can be undertaken as a background task so that you can continue working while the print job is in progress.

User Experience

Familiar user interface

2020 Fusion is quick and easy to understand as its user interface is consistent with MS-Office standards. It is also equally easily to configure, allowing you to add popular commands to the ‘Quick Launch Toolbar’, customise your own shortcuts, define your own colour schemes and configure the location and options within the application’s catalogue and navigation palettes.

Helpful project management tools

Stay on top of each project from start to finish by tracking orders, tasks, delivery dates and payments with ‘Connect’—2020 Fusion’s fully integrated customer management console.

Multi-tasking support

2020 Fusion’s flexible user interface not only allows you to open and work in multiple views of the same design, but also enables you to open more than one design at the same time. Design or presentation windows can even be presented on different screens—for example, allowing customers to remain focused on stunning visuals, while you continue to work independently on a separate screen.

Superior help always at hand

As with Microsoft Office™, 2020 Fusion help files are task-driven, context sensitive and easily launched via the F1 key. Once opened, an extensive library of reference material is at your fingertips—simply type in what you want to do and the software will instantly find the function for you. In addition, 2020 Fusion’s ‘Tell me what you want to do…’ option emulates corresponding functionality in Microsoft Office 2016, allowing you to quickly search for and easily select menu options and commands.

Status bar assistance

2020 Fusion even provides you with realtime support while performing specific tasks through the provision of live advice on its status bar. As such, complex actions such as design navigation are made easier through the indication of the range of additional options made possible by pressing combinations of CTRL and SHIFT on the keyboard.

Knowledge through training

Further develop your 2020 Fusion skills via our modular (Bronze, Silver and Gold) training program. In addition, 2020 offers a regular series of online webinars on a wide variety of topics.
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Visit the 2020 Knowledge Center

The 2020 Knowledge Center is a collection of how-to articles related to 2020 products & services. Quickly get answers about downloads, installation, registration and updates; it is also a great resource to find answers to other common questions related to your 2020 products.
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Join our community!

The 2020 Community is a place where users of 2020 solutions can chat, exchange ideas and ask questions both with each other and with us. The community is a great resource for professional designers and industry enthusiasts to network with peers, find quick answers to questions, share tips, tap into great advice and much more.
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Content Libraries

Manufacturer catalogues

Manufacturer catalogues deliver an exceptional opportunity for you to specify and visualize kitchen and bathroom designs with real products. Make it easy for consumers to quickly decide on products and shorten the sales cycle by clearly communicating design ideas and transforming customer wishlists into reality with 2020 Fusion 3D rendering capabilities.
See manufacturer catalogues for 2020 Fusion  

2020 Cloud

2020 Cloud is an innovative way to access catalogue content in 2020 Fusion. Just start the application and get immediate access to thousands of items directly from the new 2020 Cloud browser. Catalogues are updated regularly and are instantly available to stream to your software without the hassle of downloading or installing. Access the 2020 Cloud newsfeed to find out about recently added/modified catalogues, tips, tricks and more.
2020 Cloud for 2020 Fusion  

Wide selection of 3D models

A direct link to the Trimble 3D Warehouse™ lets you choose from a large online database of free SketchUp™ models to further enhance your designs. Also import 3D models into 2020 Fusion in several other recognised file formats—for example DXF, DWF and 3DS.

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