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About 2020

2020, a Cyncly company, provides software, services and content to help professional designers, retailers and manufacturers bring ideas to life, inspire innovation and streamline processes. Our list of industry-leading products includes 2020 Design Live, 2020 Office, 2020 Insight, 2020 Fusion Live and 2020 Ideal Spaces among others.

Established in 1987, the company merged with Compusoft in 2021. One year later, Cyncly was created as the new brand to unite 2020, Compusoft and their affiliate companies.

About Cyncly

By bringing together the best brands in the industry, Cyncly offers end-to-end software solutions that help the entire industry put consumers at the heart of their business. Cyncly solutions serve over 70,000 customers globally, helping to simplify communication, reduce errors, grow sales, increase efficiency and drive innovation—and help make spaces amazing, every step of the way.

For more information, visit www.cyncly.com.


2020 Headquarters
235 Littleton Road Unit 6
Westford, MA
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