Manufacturer catalogs are the glue that holds everything together.

Delivering the right content.
To the right people.
At the right time.
Your products are the hub of your business, but delivering up-to-date content to your customers can be challenging. Expand your reach by offering designers your updated catalogs directly through our kitchen, bathroom and office design solutions.
Delivering the right content

Are you a manufacturer? Make your catalogs available in 2020.

Yes, I am a manufacturer

Provide up-to-date catalogs to designers

Ensure designers always have access to your most up-to-date catalogs with live updates and pricing adjustments. Notify thousands of designers about your latest product updates through our software.
Provide up-to-date catalogs
Forecast product usage & trends

Accurately forecast product usage & trends

Understand user trends by running reports and reviewing your 2020 catalog usage. This will improve your forecasting and product demand predictions.

Control the availability & delivery of catalogs

Have full control over the availability and delivery of your manufacturer catalogs. Give access to authorized dealers and restrict access to others.
Control the availability & delivery of catalogs
Increase sales

Increase sales by reaching more customers

Give 2020 software users the opportunity to use your products in their designs. Improve order accuracy with real-time validation, accurate pricing, clear reports and clean orders.

Expand your reach with 2020’s design software solutions*

*average results our customers have experienced.
Global 2020 software users
0.5 M
Kitchens designed yearly with 2020
Kitchen & bathroom dealers
Designers work with outdated catalogs

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