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Your products are the hub of your business, but publishing accurate and up-to-date content to your customers can be difficult. The constant evolution of products, options, accessories and software technology represents a continuous demand on your company. 2020 Catalog Content services offers manufacturers and retailers the ability to collaborate directly with design professionals and consumers through the development of electronic catalogs. Quickly and efficiently launch and promote new product lines, as well as open new sales channels with existing content.

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Collaborate with 2020 to certify, publish and promote your catalog 

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Open new sales channels

Offer your products to thousands of customers worldwide designing with 2020 software.

Improve brand exposure

Put your brand at the fingertips of designers, salespeople and consumers by placing it at the heart of the sales process.

Shorten the sales cycle

Reduce the sales cycle by empowering consumers to make informed decisions more quickly, based upon accurate product pricing and representation.

Promote up-selling and cross-selling

Generate more revenue as designers mix and match products from your portfolio of 2020 catalogs.

Improve order accuracy

Give 2020 software users the ability to design with your products, features and options so that the orders you receive are accurate the first time, every time.

Streamline new product introductions

Give your customers instant, electronic access to new and updated products, options and accessories.


The Team

The highly-skilled and experienced Content Authoring Teams at 2020, along with our network of partners, will create and fully validate your electronic catalog, to ensure its compatibility with 2020 software

The Team
The Distribution Channel

The Distribution Channel

Your catalogs can be delivered to your customers through the 2020 content distribution services for timely delivery of up-to-date information. Maximize your opportunities by connecting with the extensive network of 2020 customers

Discover 2020 Content

2020 maintains the largest list of kitchen and bath electronic manufacturer catalogs in the world, with several thousand well-known manufacturer catalogs in our database

Discover 2020 Content

Collaborate with 2020 to certify, publish and promote your catalog