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Welcome to the 2020 Community page. Here you’ll find community forums for all our products, including 2020 Design Live, 2020 Fusion, 2020 Office, and 2020 Insight. The community is a great resource for professional designers and industry enthusiasts to network with peers, ask and answer questions, share designs, find out about new blog posts and software updates, and more.


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Simply access the registration form from the Community icon in the menu bar and fill out a few fields. All we require are a few details, like your name, email, which 2020 products you use and your general location

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Accessing 2020 Cloud

With your 2020 Community profile created, you can use 2020 Cloud with supported products, such as 2020 Design Live and 2020 Fusion. Initially available only in select regions, 2020 Cloud offers you a new way to use catalog content and add products to your designs. Select the appropriate Market Region in your Community profile to use 2020 Cloud products in your location.

Requires no time-consuming downloads – content is streamed live
Always up to date, saving you valuable time and eliminating costly mistakes
Certified content, guaranteeing quality and accuracy for all your designs
Searchable across one or more catalogs by using a combination of advanced filters to easily find the exact product you’re looking for

2020 Cloud
2020 Cloud
2020 Cloud

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