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Welcome to Community Forums. This is the place for professional designers and industry enthusiasts to interact, provide feedback and share their experiences as part of the 2020 Community.
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The 2020 portfolio of products provides a wide range of productivity tools and enterprise solutions focused on the design and planning of residential and commercial spaces and the manufacturing of furniture.
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Do you have a burning question related to 2020 software? Or maybe you found a creative solution to a tricky design challenge that you’d love to share. This is the place.
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Accessing 2020 Cloud

With your 2020 Community profile created, you can use 2020 Cloud with supported products, such as 2020 Design Live and 2020 Fusion Live. 2020 Cloud offers you a way to use catalog content and add products to your designs. Select the appropriate Market Region in your Community profile to use 2020 Cloud products in your location.
  • No more time-consuming downloads with live-streamed content
  • Always up to date, saving you valuable time and eliminating costly mistakes
  • Certified content, guaranteeing quality and accuracy for all your designs
  • Searchable across one or more catalogs by using a combination of advanced filters to easily find the exact product you’re looking for